Utility Audit

Utility charges are some of the most complicated fees a company will pay. This complexity often leads to potential errors. Hidden costs, overcharges resulting from billing errors, charges for nonexistent services, and complex billing codes could be increasing your utility bill every month. Many of these issues are overlooked indefinitely. We know the various methods that utility companies use to overcharge their client and excel in identifying billing errors, recognizing overcharges, helping you reduce your utility costs, and obtaining any possible refunds available. Our team of energy auditors, accountants, and attorneys work together to find errors and reduce your utility bill. We take care of everything from working with the utilities to filing all the paperwork. Additionally, we verify all billing errors have been corrected, all adjustments have been made, and all refunds have been issued. Consider for a moment that a $10 billing issue applied daily equates to more than a $3,600 loss from your bottom line each year. Our Utility Audit specifically analyzes your utility bills such as gas, electricity, sewer and water looking for discrepancies, irregularities, and errors. We can go back as far as 48 months, depending on the state, and will setup an ongoing process for continual optimization of your savings. Once we identify savings, we handle all negotiations to secure your refund and ongoing savings.